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All of our services are safely available through video conference, including online training courses.


Online Training

We teach you. You execute. We support.

Social Media Management

We take it over for you.

Social Media Strategy

We help you build a plan.

Public Speaking

We inspire you. (Currently available, online only.)

Web Design

We make you look good, online.


We look at what you’re doing, and provide you with guidance on where to improve.

What makes us different?

Joe and Jo are pioneers in social media for business and brand representation, in central Alberta.

Our team’s expertise has been built with hands on, award winning experience, since 2012. We’ve worked through platform changes, adapted, and grew. This allows a depth of knowledge that’s rare in a new industry.

Jo and Joe spend much of their time in schools, speaking with kids about social media and mental health. Our in-school speaking will continue, when schools are back in session. An investment in Jo(e) translates directly into an investment in the kids in your community.

Award winning agency

In one of the fastest growing, yet still widely misunderstood industries, Jo(e) Social Media was a pioneer and front runner, growing exponentially in a very short amount of time.

Since 2012, we have grown to 15 team members added public speaking, an acclaimed training centre, youth and senior’s programs and accumulated many awards. Jo(e) was named Red Deer & District Chamber of Commerce, Business of the Year in 2016) and received back-to-back nominations for the Alberta Chamber’s Small Business of Distinction beginning in 2017. We were named finalists in 2018.

Our new Youth Creative and kids programs launch in Spring 2020. All services are available online, during the COVID-19 Crisis.

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Tickets and Information for Upcoming Trainings and Events

Find more information and grab your tickets for  Social Media Manager’s Workshop, Upcoming Crash Courses, and WhitbreadPhillips School and Parent Presentations. 

Take a look behind the curtain.

Now you can purchase a monthly Jo(e) Team Access subscription, and you’ll get:

  • Regular updates on what’s happening with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google, and more
  • Access to training videos, used to train our team as updates happen
  • Updates when something is going wrong with a platform (usually Facebook) and solutions, if there are any
  • Inclusion in discussions and groups that will make your job, easier. Or at least a bit more enjoyable.
  • Easy access to the entire Jo(e) team, and their expertise. Ask a question, get an answer.
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