Ah, snow days. When you have to scramble to find child care for your little ones and hope your teens will do something “productive” with their day off. We have a few ideas on things teens can do with on a snow day.

  1. Create a new dance trend for TikTok. You don’t have to know what we’re talking about – they do.
  2. Compile a recommended watching list, for you to watch, from what they love to watch on Youtube.
  3. Throw on summer clothes, make summer drinks, and play summer music. Bonus points for lawn chairs and beach blankets. Add the playlist to Spotify!
  4. If they’re interested in having a Youtube channel, have them start “Creator Academy” on Youtube.
  5. If they’re an artist, suggest they spend the day setting up a Red Bubble account and creating a plan to sell their art.
  6. If they’re an animator, send them to Webtoons to investigate opportunity.
  7. Have an athlete? Encourage them to research indoor skill development, and maybe video their progress.
  8. Everyone’s worried about the gamers. Good news – their brains won’t actually rot! But maybe if they’re playing today, ask them to spend some time also researching future job opportunities tied to gaming.
  9. Ask them to learn how to use new filter or do a cool camera trick on TikTok.
  10. Play Instagram GIF tag with them through a group chat, all day.

Teens already know how great social media can be. With mentorship, investment and guidance toward the positive, they’ll actually be developing skills that will help them in the “new world” they’ll be working in.