Everyone has to disconnect, sometimes. We tell business owners and managers to take a break, all the time. And we hear the same answer, over and over.

“There’s no way I can disconnect! I’ll lose business!”

Ah, but you can, young Jedi.

You just have to be willing to trust all will be okay, because it will be. Plus a few other things…

  1. Use autoresponders on Facebook and on email. Let people know you’re away, and for how long. Include an “if this is urgent, please text or call …”
  2. Turn off your notifications on your phone.
  3. Set 3 alarms on your phone, across dayparts. 10 am, 2 pm, 7 pm, and deliberately go in to check messages and comments. Don’t scroll. In and out.

Only a few steps. And they’re all simple, right? It all comes down to communication, and a tweet or pinned post doesn’t meet that need. Because you’re right – you can’t completely disappear. But what you CAN do, is control your interactions.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, scared, and are driven by the compulsion to respond immediately to every flashing light, buzz of your phone, and icon popping up, you NEED to do this.

Consider it a Christmas gift to yourself, and a great time management goal for 2020.