Time management comes up over and over as the number one challenge for small business owners running their own social media accounts. Where do you possibly carve out an extra 10 hours to do everything you want to do? Here are a few solutions for you.

1. Don’t try to do more than one social platform. Choose one, and do it really, really well. Yes, Instagram is fun and enticing. But is it where your primary business value is? Go where most of your audience is, and where you’ll have the most tools at your disposal for exposure. Once you have one nailed down, then move to a second platform.

2. Rather than trying to make a video for everything, make a video once a week, kind of like a newsletter. “Here’s what happened, here’s whats happening.” Not enough time? Do it monthly and repost it once a week. Do you have to do video? No. But Facebook specifically will reward you with algorithm wonderfulness if you do, and we all love algorithm wonderfulness.

3. In your downtime, take photos. Hundreds of photos. Photos of the tiniest things, from all angles. And then store them for use later. We use Dropbox with our team. Not many think of storage as a time management tool, but it’s core to how we manage client accounts.

4. Make a commitment to assign an hour to programming content. Stick to it. Use those photos you took during downtime. Get as much done as possible! Then make another commitment. Not sure how to program? Message us.

5. Set a timer to check notifications three times a day. Go in, and then get out. Don’t be a slave to notifications and don’t get dragged into the wormhole of timesuck.

Small business owners have to learn time management to survive those years when you’re in charge of everything. Remember. Social media puts your brand on loudspeaker. While it might be tempting to off-load this chore to whoever shows enthusiasm, it’s too important to your business for it to be done well for you to take the easy way out. Apply these tips instead!