Managing a Facebook Business Page can, at times, be frustrating. We’re asked these specific questions, often.

Problem: I know I need to post more often but I just can’t keep up.

Solution: When creating posts, rather than hitting “PUBLISH”, move your cursor to the right slightly and hit the little arrow. See that word “SCHEDULE”? It’s your new best friend!

Problem: I’m trying to post a link on my Facebook Business Page but the thumbnail won’t populate.

Solution: “X” out, and try again. And again. And again. Until it populates. If it just won’t work, add a photo yourself. (Not OF yourself!)

Problem: I’m on my Facebook Business page, but no content is appearing.

Solution: Weirdly, go to the url, and delete the “s” in https:// . It works. I don’t know why.

Problem: When I post on my Facebook Business Page, it says “posted by (my name)”, but I don’t want people to know that!

Solution: They don’t. Only you, and others with Page Roles on your page see it. It’s to help you identify who posted, and when.

Problem: I want to boost one of my posts but Facebook won’t let me.

Solution: If you created your Facebook Business page without attaching it to a personal profile prior to 2016, you don’t have access to these tools. Your page MUST be attached to an authentic personal profile, and you need to add an authentic admin to your page as soon as possible. If you’re logged into Facebook correctly, then check Facebook’s ad guidelines. It’s likely you’re violating ad conditions with your text, or your photo violates ad conditions. If none of these apply, ask for a manual review of your ad.

Problem: My ad set data in my Facebook Ad Manager has all dashes. Where’s my data?

Solution: Check the dates set on your filter.

Problem: Nothing I’m doing is working. It keeps freezing. My coffee is cold.

Solution: Give up. Come back to it later. Warm up your coffee.