Using Facebook for business is so much more than just throwing a photo up because the boss asked you to, or promoting specials and sending them over to Twitter too. Set aside at least an hour every day, and commit to using Facebook to its fullest! Here are five simple things you can do today.

  1. Review your “About” section. Be sure your address, hours, and contact information is up-to-date. Be sure to avoid terms like “For 25 years we’ve…”.  Include as much information possible. If someone actually clicks your “About” it’s because they’re either your competition, or they’re closer to buying from you. If you’re using Facebook for business, be sure to stay focused on business!
  2. Add Services. Break down what you offer as a business into segments, and tag these services in photos using “tag product”. This will help you to identify the diversity of services you offer in every post, without talking about it. It provides a more immersive experience and allows people to gather more information if they’d like it. Include a price range so your audience can pre-qualify, or disqualify themselves. To add the Services tab to your page, go to your settings and choose “Edit Page”. Scroll to the bottom, and add the Service tab.
  3. Follow other businesses using “Pages Feed”. You’ll find this feature on the right hand side of your Facebook Business page. In the Pages Feed, you can “Like” other business pages, and their content will appear there. Visit this feed regularly and like, comment, and share. We’re all in this together, and when you support local businesses, they’ll support you back. Relationship building is an asset on Facebook. Use this feature as a way to generate content as well. Follow your suppliers and mentors and you’ll have access to their content to share as well.
  4. Use posting features other than “post a photo”. Experiment with slide shows, and carousel. Get a little crazy. Maybe add a “Message Us” button on a post. Consider how others are using Facebook for business, how your timeline appears, and then do something different. When you use “slide show”, be sure to set the time to at least 2 seconds.
  5. Invite people who like your content to “Like” your page. On a successful post, click on the likes, and then click on “invite”. You’ll build your fan base more quickly this way. In fact, boosting a successful organic post and then inviting the people who like the post is the most cost effective way of generating page likes. Hands down beats “Promote Your Page”.


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