Plenty of C1G1 going around.

That’s what its called right. Its the ‘Christmas Grinchyness’ disease. You know.

Oh, it’s cool. I get it. I think I had a small bout of it too, maybe. The weather and current numbing cold in Central Alberta paired with poor roads has societal stress at an all time high – and it’s not even officially winter yet. Ya – sorry about that.

Right now, people are being challenged to coexist in tight confines of home or work. Heck, even smokers are mumbling their annual confession of “I’ve gotta quit!” as they head outside to dart up as fast as possible.

Between the 5 foot snow drifts and the other 5 feet you shovelled since Monday and the fact it’s too cold to play in it, kids are off the wall, pets are going wacko and of course, Christmas is approaching with the expectations of spending or a visitation from ‘family’. (You’re supposed to call them that.)

Slow down.


Besides blogging, I recently decided to relieve some personal stress by revisiting my love of art and more specifically, drawing. I really enjoyed it. Again. I made a silly pencil sketch of a cartoon character. Not even my forte. I think I’ll do some more. Which is going to help with another stresser in my life, Christmas. Because I chose to draw again, I’ve decided to give some art this year instead of junk. Saves money, it’s personal and apparently, people like what I draw.

I also love to help people. It helps me. Yesterday a friend of mine and his daughter hit the streets on a #stuckpatrol mission to get as many cars moving from drifts as we could. It felt great despite the bitter cold and smell of exhaust in our lungs while digging in our boots to push.

Oh, by the way, I also learned that not lot of people have ever been taught to rock a vehicle back and forth so the pushers can get some momentum and the vehicle gets some traction.

Don’t pin the accelerator when someone is pushing, K?

Try to avoid social media for your stress though, OK? Hey, we all need to vent – I get it. I did just yesterday, too, but by its definition, what you write will be seen. Crazy, I know but I think we often forget that. Your vent will be taken for what it is; for whom it is aimed, however it is written. But remember, unlike real human communication, in social posts you must subtract your tone, your eyes (for meaning & effect), your physical emotional characteristics and your volume. All of these are what is missing from the social atmosphere online. Take all of those human elements away and what do you have? Just a Keyboard rant, text diguised as communication and likely putting someone down which you only kind-of mention.

Instead, I have some suggestions.

Send someone a letter. Like my drawing, what if you rediscovered writing? Just one letter. Buy one stamp – what are they; 60 or 75 cents now? A buck? Who knows. Buy one. Make your own envelope if you have to. Fine, you can ‘google’ the address if you have to use a computer but write something for someone. It’ll be awesome! Do it in pen. 🙂

Bake. And lick the spoon.

Don’t turn on the TV tonight and fix the light switch in the basement that hasn’t worked properly since you moved in.

Clean behind the fridge.

Change the furniture around in that family room void of family.

Get off twitter & separate your beer t-shirs from the ones you’d actually wear in public.

Get ON twitter. learn how its slowly taking over as a news leader.

Shovel the neighbours garbage area in the alley out back. He’s likely done everywhere else already.

Get off Facebook and Netflix for one night. Think outside the internet. The mall. The TV and the societal Grinch disease.

I think I’m gonna go shovel some windrows.

Do better. Be better. Feel better.

Get well soon.