With the ability to go “live” on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Snapchat, a ‘social event’ now has a very different meaning.

Your guests will ‘go social’ when they arrive at your event, especially if you give them reason to.  You’ll notice guests pulling out their phones to take and share pictures of what they’re wearing, post selfies with colleagues, celebrity guests, photos of amazing décor or auction items and sponsor-paid amenities in the room.

While you want to take advantage of their social audiences, don’t forget about your own! Anyone who has organized an event knows the organization, planning and execution was hard enough before. Now, great events also have to have a social media strategy.

A good social media strategy for live events translates into more publicity, promotion and revenue for your fundraiser. It also creates happy sponsors and guests for next year.

There have always been many entities you can sell for sponsorship at your event. Logos featured on a banner or sponsor roll, table or seating elements, on screen advertising, stage sponsorship, the entertainment, food, door prizes and silent or live auction items. Now you can sell additional social media entities for sponsorship, online.

  1. Consider offering sponsorship of Snapchat filters, live broadcasts and announcements on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, online giveaways, keyword or hashtag notifications.
  2. Create a plan to generate additional revenue and fundraising online during your event. Don’t neglect your social audience who may support your cause but can’t attend your event.
  3. Include plans for encouraging your guests to post and engage frequently through the event. By providing activity throughout the course of your event on your own social media, you’ll increase posts, shares and create fans of your event. When your channel is active, your message goes further and you have more eyes on you.

None of this is easy; you have a live event to organize and lots of people to impress. That’s where we come in. Either gather volunteers experienced in social media to help you, or consider the Jo(e) Promo team.

Jo(e) Social Media provides live social media help for live events. We also help you set up your event to be socially engaging, with sponsorship ideas and opportunities you never though about selling before. Sponsors want more than a logo on a t-shirt, or name recognition in a program. Let’s work together to add value to your next event!