Hiring a social media manager is a daunting task, especially when the only thing you know about social media is that you need it for your business. We know not everyone can hire Jo(e) Social Media to manage their social media. Before you make the hire, whether it’s internal or external, educate yourself on what you’re hiring for.

First, understand that digital advertising, graphic design, web design and social media are all different things requiring entirely different skill sets.

Next, understand Social Media for business, done well, isn’t easy to execute. You’ll have to consider many facets, including personality, skills, knowledge base, time available, and match those with your business goals. Honestly, one person will find it difficult to manage multiple platforms without team support.

Your social media manager gathers the visual elements, creates content for social media platforms, optimizes platform use, grows audiences, manages audiences, manages engagement, creates and manages ads, reads insights and analytics and uses this information to build content and ads, and generates reports to meet goals.

Anyone who just wants to sell, or advertise, will not create a strong social brand for you.

Skill set:

If you’re looking to fill this position with one person, you’re basically looking for someone who can’t possibly exist. They have to have:

  • Exceptional time management skills
  • High attention to detail while maintaining an ability to relinquish control
  • An ability to effectively identify essential tasks and delegate minor tasks to others
  • Excellent spelling, grammar, and writing skills but with a relaxed voice
  • The ability to tell stories in written and video form

Their personality will matter too. Online challenges will require your social media manager to:

  • Have a clear ability to express empathy
  • Exhibit self-control in high conflict situations
  • Able to critically assess the meaning of a written message
  • Have a willingness to ask for help
  • Communicate quickly and effectively with you

Because social media meets more needs than just advertising, they’ll need to have experience in:

  • Sales
  • Business
  • Customer Service
  • Public Relations

And since social media changes constantly, they’ll need:

  • To learn quickly and adapt on the fly
  • An ability to see patterns in human behaviour
  • Investment in continuing education

Creating engaging and effective content is one of the biggest challenges your social media manager will have. They’ll need:

  • Content planning
  • Skill in photography and short-form video
  • A sense of humour
  • An understanding of the “Social” part of social media
  • An analytical mindset to turn data into value

And of course, being able to use various forms of technology helps. Look for:

  • User knowledge of content creation apps like Canva or Ripl
  • Ability to use a smartphone
  • User knowledge of social media management systems such as Hootsuite, Later, Buffer, or Sprout Social
  • Basic graphic design, photo-editing, and video editing skills.

Platform Specific Knowledge:

For Facebook (June 2019)

  • An exceptional understanding of Facebook Community Guidelines is essential. A lack of knowledge in this area could cost you your page.
  • Diverse content creation
  • Understanding of content requirement variables such as photo composition, video size, and length
  • Reading and reporting on page insights
  • Understanding of scheduling
  • Understanding of Facebook algorithms
  • Understanding of catalogues and shops
  • Experience in Groups
  • Experience in Messenger
  • Experience in Facebook Ads Manager
  • Experience in Facebook Pixel

For Instagram (June 2019)

  • Diverse content creation
  • Understanding of content requirement variables such as photo composition, video size, and length
  • Reading and reporting page analytics
  • Knowledge of scheduling platform such as Later, or Hootsuite
  • Understanding of Instagram algorithms
  • Understanding of catalogues and shops
  • Ability to use timeline, stories, IGTV and group chat, and understand when and why for each
  • Experience in Facebook Ads Manager (for IG advertising)

For Twitter (June 2019)

  • Understanding of audience needs
  • Diverse content creation
  • Understanding of scheduling platforms such as Hootsuite or Buffer
  • Ability to create and use Lists
  • Ability to create and use Moments

For Ad Creation (June 2019)

  • Experience in detailed audience creation
  • Understanding and ability to execute retargeting campaigns
  • Ability to read and translate data
  • Storytelling ability
  • In-depth knowledge of Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter Ads Manager, LinkedIn Ads Manager
  • In-depth knowledge of platform advertising guidelines

Other Essential Components:

  • Minimum 10 – 12 hours available, per week, per platform.
  • Time dedicated weekly to platform learning and updates

If you haven’t figured it out yet – if you want to be executing more than one platform, this person is a unicorn. They don’t exist, except in our wildest imagination. You’ll need to fill in gaps, whether it’s with other team members, or outside help.

If you don’t have the monetary resources to invest in a social media manager and you have to hire based on affordability rather than proficiency, choose to do one platform, and hire the person who meets those qualifications best.

And remember, hiring a social media manager position is not an “and also”. It doesn’t roll in with an admin position, or an office manager position. They’ll never get their job done! Finally, compensation should reflect the time and proficiency in the knowledge required for excellence. Your brand on display is valuable.

See all that above? That’s what the Jo(e) Social Media team does. With diverse skill sets, we crowd-source proficiency so there are no gaps. Basically, we’re one big unicorn.