Instagram and Social Media Red Deer

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Should you be using Instagram for your business? A few things to consider:
1. Instagram is a “boredom” app. Most people aren’t using it for information, or to connect with others. Instead, they’re using it for entertainment when they have a few minutes of downtime. You have a lot of work to do to bring in business through Instagram. Consistency is key.
2. Instagram tends to be one of the first social apps for kids, with kids joining as young as 8 years old.
3. The primary demographic growth is in people 30+ years old, with a lean toward female users.
4. Instagram offers many of the features of Facebook (because Facebook owns it) including the ability to “pay to play”.
5. Stories and videos can be used to add depth to your brand.
6. There is no “excellent” way to program this platform. You’ll have to commit to a daily live presence to do it well.
7. Hashtags are king. Find the ones that work for your business that bring in real connection. Don’t get sucked in by likes – likes don’t matter if they’re junk likes from automated accounts.
8. For the love of Bon Jovi, please don’t subscribe to ANY automated service.
9. While Instagram offers the opportunity to send content to other platforms, this won’t grow your audience on other platforms. Tweet on Twitter. Facebook on Facebook. Insta on Instagram.
10. And remember, in social media everything changes, all the time. If you decide against this platform right now, you may want to revisit it in 6 months.