Jo and Joe, of Jo(e) Social Media, have spoken with more than 26,000 kids to date, and spend, on average, 40-50 hours a month in schools or traveling to schools. Most of our invitations are volunteer – we don’t want kids to miss out on this because of restrictive school budgets. In 2019, we were honoured with the Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta Special Contribution to Public Education through Media Award, for our efforts.
A few things we’ve learned:

  • This generation is changing the world with their views on inclusion, diversity, and empathy, and they don’t even know it because it comes so naturally to them.
  • Kids know they’re going into a work world that’s nothing like the one their parents entered, but they aren’t supported in learning about digital opportunities.
  • Mental health is a challenge that’s not being adequately met and our kids need us to step up the game, as parents.

Knowing this, we’ve decided we need to step up for the kids, and the concept for the Jo(e) Youth Creativ(e) was born. This space is designed to support the needs of kids – from accessibility to mentorship, business building, and for some, a safe space – without economic barriers attached. We want every kid who wants to create, to be able to create safely and in a supported manner.

That’s where you come in. We need help to build this space.

Our vision is a space that:

  • Offers free teen programs to support teens and young adults trying to build online brands or businesses
  • Offers free kid + parent programs on how to start social media conversations and stay safe online
  • Provides equipment and access to teens and young adults who may not otherwise be able to explore online opportunity
  • Support the creative efforts of kids, teens and young adults who are excited about the opportunities available to them

Our space will also be open for:

  • Seniors programs to help them understand social media, and use it to connect with their grandkids, while being safe.
  • Small business support, for those who can’t access online opportunity otherwise.
  • Community programming
  • Moderated debates on topics that often make a Facebook comments section a cesspool – we believe by getting people into a room and having face to face discussion with a neutral party guiding the conversation, we may help in a small way, redirect adults into a more positive use of social media

These will not be income generating activities for Jo(e) Social Media, but rather, a pay-what-you can model that supports the execution of more programming.

Help us make this space a reality.