Joe Whitbread

I am passionately creative, thriving at the development & execution of ideas. Enthralled about how things are perceived, I masterfully develop, design & execute marketing & strategic campaign plans using social platforms accordingly, to suit unique business styles.

As a professional public & keynote speaker, emcee, PA announcer & voiceover artist, I have hosted thousands of events, small and large, in my 25+ year career in the public.

In my home studio or guest production sessions, I voice & produce many on hold recordings, radio commercials, instructional video narration & VoiceOver campaigns aired locally, provincially & internationally for broadcast &/or online.

Dad, artist, Flame’s fan, and mentor, I have a sincere adoration of helping guide youth; mine & others, toward their potential through sports, recreation & education.

Jo Phillips

I’ve based my career on following my passion. Making the leap from sales to fitness, to business ownership and marketing. I don‘t believe work should be work. Whether you’re in a meeting with me, or listening to me speak at an event, it‘s easy to tell I love what I do.

With a degree in Psychology focused on motivation and personality. and a minor in Sociology. I love to watch how people interact both on social media, and in the business world, and convert that to opportunity. I thrive on information. l want more, always!

Known for big ideas, quick, creative thinking and an ability to identify the pain, and fix it, I’m able to combine my knowledge of people, small business and entrepreneurship with effective, interesting social solutions.

Mom first, Bon Jovi superfan, and coffee addict, my dynamic approach to life and business will inspire you to push your boundaries and strive for the best in your professional endeavors

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