Let’s talk about reputation management. On May 4, 2016, a crisis was brewing. Timelines blew up as mandatory evacuation orders were issued in Fort McMurray. From a business point of view, there were a few essential things that had to happen.

  1. Programmed posts/tweets should stop. Business doesn’t matter and those who continue to pump content into the timeline look irrelevant, inconsiderate, and obviously, not actually on the platform they’re posting content to.
  2. Paid advertising should stop, or at the very least, be edited to recognize the crisis.
  3. A quick email/meeting should be had with your employees, noting that nothing negative  about the crisis should be posted from your business account, or from the accounts of any of your employees. A company standpoint should be issued.
  4. PR of your social event should be revised. If you had an event planned, especially if social influencers are in place ready to talk about it, you’ll need to change how you talk about it. You’ve put a lot into planning the event, and it should proceed as necessary, but talk about it next week. Talking about a party while the timeline is clearly about suffering and compassion isn’t great PR. There’s always a way around it, and a good social manager will find it.
  5. Go live on all of your accounts and participate in the timeline, in a manner that reflects the crisis.
  6. Do this until. There is no exact deadline. Watch what people are doing, and adapt as necessary. Remember, compassion is far more important than selling in the social world when a crisis is happening.

If your social manager needs training on managing your reputation during a crisis, give us a call. Social media for business is far more than just posting content on Facebook.