Measuring results on Instagram is probably not a part of your plan. But it’s rapidly becoming the platform of choice for many small business owners. It’s easy to understand, easy to publish, and doesn’t require much thought. Right?

Well…no. But we get why you think that!

Start by focusing on these two things as indicators of success.

1. Which posts generate Profile Clicks?

Many focus on “likes” as a measure of success on a post. One of your goals should be to post content that makes your audience want to know more . You want them to either direct message you, or click through to your profile to get more information about your brand, find your website, email you, or call you.

Take a look at your last 10 posts. Which ones generated the most profile clicks? What was it about those posts that generated movement towards your call-to-actions?

Measuring Results on Instagram

This post had 77 likes, 4 comments, a reach of 600, and 9 profile visits. By “likes” as a measure of success, yes. Successful.

Measuring Results on Instagram

This post had 36 likes and 2 comments. By a measure of “likes” as success, it wasn’t. But one person saved it to their collection, 323 people viewed the video,and there were 6 profile visits.

2. What is your followers vs interactions ratio?

The good old “I need thousands of followers!” argument. You don’t need thousands of followers. You need INVESTED followers. While there are a few great features available to those with 10K +, investing your time in building followers just for the sake of reaching 10K will not lead to business.

Instead, take a look at how many interactions you generate in a week, versus how many people follow you. Keep track of this for a month to establish a baseline, and then use that percentage as your minimum target. If, as your audience grows, you see your interactions percentage drop, you’re no longer attracting an invested audience.

Measuring Results on Instagram

Our Instagram account had approx. 1500 followers. 10% of those, took action on our account. We’ll take it!

If you want social media to work for your business, you need to invest in a strategy. Approach with a plan. Start measuring results on Instagram. Follow your insights, and use them to grow your business.