Many people shy away from using social media for their business because they’re afraid of the negative reviews.

People are going to complain, whether you’re there to see it or not. It’s better to be there and manage it! If you’re consistently getting valid negative reviews, then use this information to improve on your business.

Don’t focus too much on gathering 5 stars. A business with all 5 star reviews is as untrustworthy on-line as a business with a few negative reviews, simply because it’s impossible to please everyone.┬áProviding incentive, purchasing reviews, or asking friends to give you 5 stars all contribute to unreliability. Seek authenticity instead.

Remember, a negative review is a good thing! It provides you with two opportunities. One, you have a chance to make an unhappy customer happy again. Second, it allows you to demonstrate your customer service. A satisfactorily resolved negative review is valuable.

When you get a negative review, respond to it. Include an understanding of the problem, an acknowledgement of their feelings, and a statement of resolution. “Please PM us a contact number. We’d like to learn more about this problem”.

The statement of resolution is essential! If the unhappy person responds to your comment with another attack, it allows you to step out and still be okay from a public point of view. Someone who continues to attack isn’t interested in resolution, and from this point forward, everything they say will reflect more poorly on them than you. BUT. If you don’t include the resolution statement, you have to respond to them again. REMEMBER THE RESOLUTION STATEMENT!

Think about it. If you’re in a restaurant, and someone is getting poor service and they start to yell at the server, do you feel bad for the person yelling, or the person being yelled at? If the server is trying to appease them, and they continue to yell, who looks worse? Apply this scenario to your reviews and you’ll find peace when they pop up.

What if someone who has never shopped with you, gives you a one-star? Ask them a direct question. Call them out. It’s okay. “Can you please give specifics on our service with you? We’d like to call and resolve it but need more information.” If there really was a problem, you can fix it. If not, you’ve invalidated their one-star in the eyes of the public.

There’s always a solution. If you’re in a jam, send us a message. We can help.