Back in 2008 when I was building my fitness business, I was a networking machine. I had no budget for advertising, and huge overhead. Social media was in it’s infancy. I needed to get my name out there, and so I attended or volunteered at every tweetup, event, or fundraiser I could find. If I didn’t, no one would know about my business. I shook A LOT of hands.

Fast forward to 2016. Jo(e) Social Media has been around for four years, and Joe Whitbread takes care of the networking and sales. I sit contentedly in my office, music playing, notes and lists and files surrounding me and a coffee within reach at all times. I look forward to our public speaking engagements, and love meetings and training, but I rarely step outside the parameters of Jo(e) in the name of business building.

I’m not satisfied. I’m not challenged. I’m not growing.

So I’ve set a personal goal to attend a networking event once a week. Last week it was a WOW conference. This week I’ll be visiting the Lacombe Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours.

Help a girl out. Invite me to your next event. I’ll have to say yes!

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