Now more than ever is the time to get involved in your community, especially digitally. When you’re planning your content, think about ways you can join your community positively. Mix it up; we want to see how you’re staying clean and safe, but sometimes we all need a good joke. Sometimes we need to see something reassuring. Right now, we’re all looking for heroes–showcase the best of your humanity. Posting positive content is going to be uplifting to your community, but it’s also going to help your organization to stay relevant. It’s important to be interesting, but it’s equally important to be relevant. 

Don’t try to get too far ahead of yourself. Things are changing rapidly, and different messaging is going to be a necessity as the situation fluctuates. Try not to schedule your posts too far in advance; small issues are easily turning into big issues, and it’s important to stay on top of it all on your platforms. Positive content is most effective when it’s relevant; this makes planning for future posts difficult. Try to post “through the lens” of what’s happening in your world. Chances are, problems that apply to you also apply to thousands in your community. 

What constitutes positive content

When we’re talking about positive content, we’re not necessarily telling you to make light of the situation. We’re talking about showing your audience that you’re going through the same struggles that they are, and that you can relate to the issues they’re having. Showing how you, as a brand, are affected by the evolving situation lets your audience know that they’re not alone. Share your reassuring messages, be the light in this darkness. Share your stories of hope–share a little joke, have some fun within your community. We talk about “creating a party” in your comment sections; right now, in the midst of social distancing, that’s going to be one of your most effective ways to keep your audience engaged–not only with your brand, but with the community. 

The mental health component

During this situation, there’s an abundance of stories from around the world being shared concerning the impact of this virus. Media outlets are quick to deliver, and that can be tremendously overwhelming. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to be aware of how this all impacts the mental health of both yourself and those around you. Our anxieties and fears are constantly amped up within this news cycle; take a break every now and again. When your fears are ramping up about the situation, log off. It’s okay. Don’t be afraid to turn it all off and take a break–it’s all too much for our brains to handle. There are massive amounts of information circulating right now, not all of it constructive or important. Look for the good in the world right now.