We’ve seen quit(e) a few reputation management issues on Facebook. What’s most disconcerting is the willingness of individuals to attempt to destroy someone’s business and reputation online, without an understanding that they may be contributing directly to debilitating depression, hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts. That there are employees, and families involved. That it goes much further than an angry rant. This is no different than the cyber bullying we warn our children about. No “bad business experience” should result in the destruction of a life.

If you’ve had a bad experience and feel that others need a heads up, it’s okay to leave a negative review. Be sure that first you try to resolve the issue in person. Give them a chance to fix their mistake (much like you would appreciate the same if it were your business). Don’t attack an individual on a personal level. Don’t rally the troops and have them attack too. I guarantee it won’t make you feel better. It will only make you angrier.

If this is happening to you, it will feel like your world is crumbling around you. That everyone is against you. You can’t trust anyone, and there’s no way it can be better. You’ll want to disappear. It’s okay. Of course you do! A social attack is frightening and awful. Please protect your heart, and your mind.

  • Surround yourself with your champions.
  • If you’ve made a mistake, address it.
  • Create solutions privately – don’t ignore the problem.
  • Don’t attack back. Issue a polite response if necessary and then leave it.
  • Put someone else in charge of your business social accounts for a while, but keep them active so your supporters can help rebuild.
  • Don’t read the comments. Block, ban, report.
  • Report behaviour that is malicious, doesn’t make you feel safe, or includes direct threats, to the police.
  • Focus on the people who support you. They’re the ones who will lift you, and bring you back from the edge.
  • Work on a plan to restore your reputation.
  • The truth of the matter is, the attacks might work. You might experience a loss of business. You might have to start over. If this is the case, you’ll be okay. A year from now, you’ll look back, and be okay. I promise. You just have to get through this part. While the world might seem 50% against you, it’s also 50% for you. Focus on the right 50%.


Jo(e) Social Media offers reputation management solutions and restoration plans if you’re in a jam. Give us a call and we’ll work together on a plan to move forward, positively.