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Social media is not only one of the fastest growing industries but can also be one of the most intimidating and sometimes scary arenas not only for business but on a personal level as well. We want to help you break down the walls and become confident using social media on all levels. 

We have presented to small groups in board rooms and spoke to hundreds at once in schools and on stages across the country. Empowering teachers, parents, and students to have courage and confidence using their social media has quickly become one of our favourite things to do. 

Social Media for Business

Mobilize your team, motivate your sales people, and better your brand. Invite the Jo(e)s to speak with your group today!

Joe Whitbread and Jo Phillips offer motivating public speaking presentations on social media for business in every industry. We have presented to large and small groups of all ages and social media skill sets. With a good mix of learning and lecture, our presentations and workshops are a great fit for professional development seminars, staff retreats, non-profit meetings and more.

Speaking Topics:

  • Social Psychology and Content Strategy
  • Using Social Media to Connect with Real Customers Who Care
  • Facebook for Business
  • LinkedIn
  • Custom topics toward your needs

Social Media for educators, parents & kids

Those who care about and for kids want them to be safe. But safe, when it comes to social media, isn’t about settings and platforms. There are devices everywhere, all the time. Kids are dealing with consequences of exposure, regardless of whether they have Instagram themselves. That means we must be having conversations with them to guide them, should they be there. There are a lot of misconceptions around how kids use social media. We’d like to clear those up, and help educators, kids and their parents see how powerful they really can be on social media.

It’s time to talk about what we CAN do with social media. How to empower students to use their voices. To take control of their personal social brand, to motivate and support each other, to build on their causes, to build on their ideas and to use the relationships they’re SO good at developing digitally, to enhance their world.

Join us Spring 2020 for the all new Jo(e) Youth Creative. Help support digital programming, training, mentorship and learning for kids.

Corporate and community support welcomed.

Social Youth


Most parents get their information about social media from a Google search, or the media. But kids aren’t using social media the way adults do, and this creates a divide when it comes to talking about it. We help quell suspicions, steer positive conversation and get kids and adults on the same page to use social media safely and with a positive voice. Parent presentations are available on this topic as well.


When teens are polled, many of them believe they don’t have negative mental health related to their social media use. We know this isn’t true – we see the consequences every day. In this presentation, we talk with teens about the things they might be doing to unintentionally create feelings of distrust, sadness, lack of worth, and disconnection, and how to change that up.


We handed them phones when they were 10 years old and said “go to town!”. When high school students move into the adult world, they’ll understand their actions have consequences. In our presentations to high school students, we talk about personal branding, and the effect their behavior on social media now, might have on their future.

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