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Web Design

Jo(e) Social Media Digital Division offers web and graphic design services for clients looking to update their brand or logo, build a new website, run an eye-catching ad in a local publication, redesigning an old website or and just about any other projects that require a professional graphic specialist.

We are easy to work with and focuses on growth-driven design while maintaining standard rules of design to ensure your graphics and/or website are not only up to date and relevant to your industry but eye-catching and attractive to your target audience or demographic.

In today’s world owning a business, running a company, and selling your own goods and/or services means you need to be online. Whether it be through social media or through a website Jo(e) Social Media can now have you covered on both fronts.

We also offer website redesign and/or updating services IF your site fits within the required parameters.

Click here to contact us and find out if we can work with your existing site.

Responsive design for mobile

With responsive design, your website changes to fit within the width of the screen no matter what size screen you have. Your desktop, tablet or phone all fit with no side to side scrolling. This improves the functionality of your site and gives the user the best experience possible.





Web Packages

Our Basic Web includes a 3-5 page responsive, mobile-friendly website, basic information pages (up to 4 pages w/ home page), a simple contact form directed to whatever email you would like, and some light SEO functionality. Additional pages/functions can be purchased on a per-page basis.

Contact us for a Basic Web quote. 

If you need something a little bigger than that with some added functionality then you will want to check out our Deluxe Web package. It includes up to 8 pages (again totally responsive), services/product pages* information pages, basic forms, basic SEO functionality, photo/project gallery. Additional pages/functions can be purchased on a per-page basis.

*Max. 3 service/product pages

Websites have so widely now become digital storefronts, warehouses for information, and showcases for our businesses. Whether you just want that extra visual edge or your ready to take your online business to the next level you’ll want to ask about our Premium Web package. It includes up to 12 responsive pages, everything in the other two packages plus options for more dynamic content and design as well as e-commerce solutions up to 10 products.

Packages can be tailored to specific project needs so if you only need a 3 or 4 page site but want e-commerce to sell a few products we can make a custom package for you.
Basic add-ons include things like additional pages, basic galleries, and simple forms. Basic add-ons range from $25 – $75 +hrs to implement.

Advanced add-ons include things like dynamic elements, advanced forms, advanced galleries, advanced SEO, special or custom coding for apps/widgets, and e-commerce. Premium add-ons range from $$75 – $500 +hrs to implement.

To find out more about add-ons or special requirements for your site please contact our designer directly (click here).

There are a few ways to keep the project rolling along and potentially keep your cost down:

    – Writing your own content for each page.
    – Selecting the exact pictures you want on each page.
    – Providing logo files and colour palette selections.
    – Allowing us to do your design work based on our knowledge and experience versus using a custom design you have in mind that could be outside normal standards.
    – Having domain registration and hosting credentials readily available. *Clients purchasing a new website can get assistance with this if needed or desired.
    – Providing timely and complete feedback when requested.

Web Terms

Designed pages

The number of pages depends on your specific needs. If you offer many services, it’s best to have a separate page for each to maximize visibility.

The key to great rankings is great content so pick a web package that’s big enough so you can have all the pages needed to attract buyers.

Design hours

These hours include the actual design time for your website which includes laying out pages, designing graphics, creating navigation, selecting colours, writing code, testing the site in all the browsers, etc..

Writing copy (site content)

From a search engine point of view, this is the most important part of your website. Without great content, it’s difficult to rank for your keyword phrases.

We write original copy to attract ideal visitors to your website and then, make sure it’s relevant and helpful so they stay on your site longer. This includes writing, editing and organizing text for your website. Great content is key for success. The copywriters that we work with know how to write for humans as well as writing copy for improved SEO to increase web traffic.

Basic Info Pages

These pages are the building blocks of all websites as they include the essential information about your business. We combine photos and text with an easy to understand layout so web visitors can quickly find the info they need.

Contact Form(s)

This short form gives visitors a quick and easy way to contact you immediately. By getting any important contact information from them, you can use it to start a conversation that can lead to a valuable sale.

Service Page(s)

Expand your services and products into multiple pages to give extra visibility to your biggest money makers. The more detailed information can help increase sales by drawing more buyers to your website.


SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines such as Google or Bing.

Dynamic Elements

These interactive items include things like the sticky note graphics that pop up as you scroll down this web page.

Dynamic elements engage website visitors and encourage them to stay on your site longer, which can increase conversion rates and sales.

Project/Photo Gallery

People are visual so the more pictures on your website, the better. Pictures taken by you are better than stock photos so get shooting!

It’s beneficial to show completed work or ‘before and after’ photos-we can even include captions so visitors better understand the work done.

Content Creation

New content (new pages, blogs, etc.) is crucial to inbound marketing. It attracts qualified buyers to your site.

Page Updates

Keep your existing pages fresh. Search engines favor new content over old as new content is more relevant.

Writing Copy

Most business owners are too busy running their companies so we made friends with some expert copy writers  that can do the writing for you. You just need to review it and approve it to go online.

Social Media Management

Your company’s presence on social media must be active for maximum impact. We help bridge the gap between your website and your social media.

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