While Facebook offers great tools to build, and promot(e) your business, there are a variety of small business tools you should be considering.  We often see businesses ignore other platforms in favour of focusing exclusively on building their Facebook presence.

What’s your plan if Facebook is down (as it has been 3 times in the last week)? What’s your plan if Facebook starts to charge more than you can afford to remain relevant?

Don’t put all of your eggs in a single basket – it puts you at risk of having to rebuild your brand should things change, rather than simply redirecting efforts as needed. Scramble your eggs.

A few tips:

Build your email lists.  Be sure you can always communicate with your customers, even when the social platforms are down. You can also use these in Facebook Advertising – but that’s a whole other blog post. Pay attention to CASL regulations while building your list.

Publish content on your website. Your ultimate goal should be to take your audience to a landing page you control. You’ll never be in full control of any social platform, but you will always own your website. This will also help with that buzzword that no one understands – SEO.

Use other platforms, even if you don’t personally like them. Think of it as having an audience on reserve. A tool in your small business tools box. The “just in case” audience. Except if you’ve done a good job, the “just in case” audience is also supporting your business. Don’t start an account, park it, and expect to be able to pick it up in an emergency and be effective.

Keep off-platform copies of everything you publish. Laziness and naivete makes us believe we can always go back and get it if we need it. It’s really as easy as copying and pasting into a Google or Word document.

Now go forth and scramble your eggs. You’ll be glad you did. -Jo

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