Jo(e) Social Media has been providing content and social management services since 2012. We’re selective about who we work with, and believe you should be as well! When you work with the Jo(e)s as your social media content management team, you can expect:

1. Collaborative effort. We work with you as a part of your team. Not for you.

2. Access to all of your accounts at all times. We encourage you to add them to your phone and interact as you see fit.

3. Consistent, creative, relevant social media content tailored to your unique brand voice, with an eye toward ultimately achieving local sales.

4. Content that speaks the language of each social media platform, and account growth based on local knowledge and necessity.

5. Ads management based on the metrics provided through Facebook, created and maintained based on your budget and effectiveness.

6. Professional advice based on our knowledge not only of how platforms function, but also where your audience is, how an audience consumes information, and how to use this for business.

7. Integrity and authenticity. We won’t use your social media accounts to like, follow, or build our own accounts, or other client accounts.

8. Month to Month Contracts. We want clients to stay with us because we’re doing our job well, not because you’re stuck with us.

9. Fair Rates. Our rates are not only fair to you, they’re fair to us.  Starting at $1200, we don’t under price to get you in the door. We limit the number of accounts we work on, and focus on ensuring you’re receiving the service you deserve.

10. Results. 

We don’t just talk the talk. You can find us effectively using social media for our own business, as well as individually, across platforms. When you’re ready to invest in your social media, for business, contact us in the way you like best.

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