Think it might be time to hire a social media pro? Every business has started a social account here and there; unlikable Facebook pages without a post since May or twitter accounts with a purple egg that you forgot your password to, already.

It might be time to concentrate & stop spinning your tires online.

Social media for business works and it should be part of your marketing by now.

Any of this sound familiar? Your favourite radio host asks you to go to their Facebook page to comment on the story she just told. TV reporters and hosts with their twitter handle directly under their name on the screen so you’ll take the conversation further. Movie trailers end in hashtags. That bag of chips in your pantry with an Instagram logo on it so you’ll take a selfie with their brand and share it with your friends.

Social Media is everywhere.

So, it’s time to start taking Social Media seriously for your business if you want to be relevant. Build your own brand online and dominate in hand shakes and sales return before others figure it out too.

The biggest issues we see in social media for business is a lack in knowledge, strategy & diligence though. A few things to consider before you make the decision to hire a social media pro. Do you have, or have the ability to develop:

KNOWLEDGE: There’s no point even starting if you don’t know what you’re doing. It can be more damaging to start social accounts without knowledge in how it works or how your audience uses it.

STRATEGY: Don’t bother unless you’re willing to invest. Invest hours, resources & money. It has to be important to what you’re trying to accomplish or it won’t work. Develop a strategy just like you would for other facets of your business. Put people in charge, train your team to carry your message further, have a social media policy for your business and learn how to develop an audience and engaging content that others actually care about.

DILIGENCE: A couple sit ups every month won’t give you a six pack and social media for business works the same way. Consistency is key. Whether you’re doing it yourself or putting someone else in charge, it needs to be a diligent effort if you want it to work. Put in a diligent effort and you will be rewarded.

Social media used to be an additive to your business. When you invest in proper training for your team and choose to put in a diligent effort on the platforms your customers have chosen are important to them, you will start to see tangible return on your time & investment into Social Media. It really does work and considering Facebook is the grandfather of it all and it’s only 11 years old, it’s still in it’s infancy.

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