Many owners and entrepreneurs have attempted social media personally or for their business by now. But without a social media strategy or investment, it’s very easy to lose interest.

Unfortunately, in a seemingly easy (yet so incredibly complicated) digital marketing world, there are so many dormant Facebook pages or twitter accounts that owners have already abandoned, neglected or simply forgotten their password.

You can only analyze ‘return on investment’ when you actually invest.

You can begin to justify and review your return when you have a budget and social media strategy in place; anything else is just winging it and a waste of time. This is about more than just money, by the way. Your investment should be in resources, people, process, time, value, money and more.

It’s time to start investing in social media for your business.

Through public speaking, content management and training, we have been helping businesses realize the benefits of social media marketing since 2012. Continuously, the biggest issues we witness from businesses who find little return from theirs, is in 4 key areas: INVESTMENT, KNOWLEDGE, STRATEGY, and DILIGENCE.

INVESTMENT: You give value to products, services and people when you invest in them. Like anything, the more you intelligently invest, the more you’ll see return. Social media is a valuable communication and PR tool for your business but it’s a very noisy platform. Social media needs an investment of time, resources, people, money and more.

KNOWLEDGE: Like anything, there’s no point even starting if you don’t know what you’re doing. Very few users have ever taken training in marketing let alone social media. If businesses are spending, they’re not sure why or where to spend it and they’re unable to prove any return. Starting social accounts without knowledge in how social media for business works or how audiences are using platforms can be more damaging than not having accounts at all.

STRATEGY: Develop a strategy just like you did when you went into business. Put people in charge, train your team and give your audience the opportunity to carry your message further. Invest time, money and resources in the management of accounts. Ensure you have a social media policy for your staff and learn to pay close attention to online customer service and conflict management. Develop engaging content, consistently for an evolving audience. All easier said than done.

DILIGENCE: A couple sit ups every month won’t give you a six pack and a few nonsensical posts here and there won’t grow a following or trustworthy account either. Consistency is key. Whether you’re doing it yourself or putting someone else in charge, it needs a diligent effort valued by ownership, if you want it to work. Put in a diligent effort and your investment will be rewarded.

When you invest in content management, proper training for your team and choose to put in a concerted effort on the platforms your customers have chosen are important to them – not what’s important to you – you will start to see tangible return on your investment into social media for business.

It really does work and it’s all still in it’s infancy.

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