Your business is on social media. You have a Facebook page; maybe Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others, but are you socially successful?

Like a website, it’s hard to find a business without some sort of social media presence nowadays. Some businesses are doing it well, many more are just dabbling and if they admitted it, they’d probably say their online presence lacks a budget, creativity and results.

Truth is, many entrepreneurs and business owners still struggle with the know-how, consistency and creativity necessary to keep up and do it right.

Social media success is defined in a variety of ways, and it’s not all numbers.

Here are some immediate ways to improve your social media success:

  • Monitor analytics and learn to read what they mean.
  • Post content based on your audience’s interests, not yours.
  • Grow your audience and monitor your various social feeds to connect with your community.
  • Promote past your key message. We know what you sell, tell us about all the details.
  • Show us photos and videos with you and your people in them.
  • Leave your ego at the door. Communicate more than a sales message.
  • Give social media the respect it deserves. Take it seriously. If you don’t do it well, admit it and get help.
  • Avoid handing off to a family member or an employee with little training or results-based motivation.
  • Develop a strategy and stick to it.

Most business owners have subscribed their business to one or more social media channels to say they’re there. Unfortunately, time and time again, we witness (and you most likely feel) a lack in strategy or diligence to make it work or analyze results.

We strongly believed in this whole social-media-for-business idea from the start. While some chuckled at the seriousness of social media, we began to help friends, business owners and even traditional media partners with their public relations, social customer service and online branding. Hundreds have gleaned new knowledge from our keynote presentations, social seminars, tweets, posts and blogs.

Jo(e) Social Media Inc. continues to provide social media management, training and keynote public speaking presentations all these years later for business owners who are engaging their online audience with creative and relevant content.

While social media for business remains a focus, we have grown the public speaking side of our business to include keynote presentations for kids, parents, teachers and educators. We are very proud to have been invited into junior and high schools, colleges and post secondary institutions to discuss digital safety and social citizenship that every parent, teacher and child should pay attention to.

It’s OK that you’re not really sure what you should be saying or doing here. It’s OK that you don’t want to brag about your business or your people here. It’s OK to admit you’re not sure what your kids are doing on Instagram or Snapchat. It’s OK to admit you just don’t have the time to be on social media, even though you know your business needs to be.

We are both very thankful to the many who have contributed to the growing success of Jo(e) Social Media Inc. and we encourage you to call or write us if you’re intrigued by what we offer and do. Please, don’t be shy.

We like coffee or beer meetings and we love presenting informative and engaging keynotes to small or large sales or marketing groups.

Start taking your social media seriously and get return on your time. Elevate your business and achieve social media success. Visit JoeSocialMedia.com and please connect with us on the various social platforms too!  @JoeSocialJo, @JoOutLoud, @JoeWhitbread (Twitter, Insta, Snapchat)