About Jo(e)

2020 Lacombe and District Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year, Jo(e) Social Media Inc. works with businesses who value social media from a branding, sales, customer service, and public relations point of view. We are a corporate social media agency.

          From humble beginnings at the advent of online broadcasting, two Jo(e)s set out on a path to coach, manage and teach entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals the local media skills and marketing expertise necessary to compete on global social networks and digital advertising channels.
           For more than a decade, Jo(e) Social Media has generated millions of meaningful impressions for thousands of businesses and professionals. We’ve provided hundreds of jobs and helped organizations, municipalities and school-aged children with positive social media learning in communities all over Western Canada.
          We continue to help create local social learning that makes a difference and grow true community connection in the places were invited to visit. We’ll always promote positive use of social media while maintaining a safe space in person and online, where everyone can feel valued.
          Based in Lacombe, Alberta, we have writing staff and account managers throughout Alberta, and BC. We encourage you to visit our own business social accounts. You’ll find we are one of the few social media agencies that also finds time to provide active social media content and engagement for our own business, without detriment to our clients. Social media is not marketing and requires a specific set of skills and proficiency standing beside communications and marketing. Because of our understanding, we don't over-promise and under-deliver.


We're grateful for all the recognition and awards we hav(e) received throughout the years. More recently, the 2016 Red Deer Chamber Business of the Year and 2020 Lacombe Chamber Business of the Year Awards represent business success as industry pioneers. We’ve built a sustainable and helping industry and have trained many social media personnel throughout the years. Some have even gone on to own their own agencies and boutique businesses in th(e) same industry.

Our 2020 Business Resilience Award was acknowledgment for years of hard work, job creation, and business growth, while helping others in our community during a pandemic.

Jo(e) business awards.

Our Team

Our team consists of social media content writers, managers, visual content producers, web designers, videographers, and graphic designers. With a strong, well-educated, and professional team behind us, Jo(e) Social Media continues to be an industry leader.

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