Social Media Management

Maximize your social media presence

The changing dynamics of social platforms, and the opportunities available mean a social media strategy has become important for most organizations, but difficult to execute. Arguably the most essential and visible piece of your marketing strategy, social media should be treated as an expertise. The more experienced your social media manager is, the more effective your strategy will be.  

Our team of writers, visual content providers, graphic designers, and managers are highly skilled and well trained. We have developed a collaborative model for businesses to create and execute a local social media strategy, consistently and with a focus on business. Jo(e) Social Media will work closely with your team to essentially become a part of the brand, to round out the plan already in place.

Our internal training program means we can bring new team members in quickly, and effectively train them in best practice and execution. Backed by highly experienced Jo(e) staff, we set our team up for success in any situation.

Our experience and commitment to industry and ethics compliance, adherence to Canada Advertising Guidelines and the Competition Act, CASL, plus platform specific guidelines and professional set up will ensure your brand assets are secure.

Our goal is to significantly reduce the work for you, while raising the profile of your team, with observance of best practices, to represent a business or franchise dedicated to achievement and excellence.

Whether it’s a campaign or a long-term strategy, we can provide you
with a customized quote.

Lets Talk

We guarantee fair to you, fair to us value.

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