Jo(e) Training Center

Specialized training for social media managers

Social Media Managers Series

Our Social Media Managers Series is 100% online training! This workshop is designed for employees or business owners who have been tasked or hired to manage social media for a business or brand. This comprehensive 8 week LIVE ON-LINE training happens Wednesday nights 6 pm to 9 pm MST.

Attendees who complete the entire program will receive a Certificate of Completion. This course in it's entirety qualifies for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Course Outline:

Private Corporate Training

Jo(e) Social Media’s expert trainers are online & can be booked for video conference meetings to help educate staff, ownership & management teams on the new necessity of social media public relationsin business, especially during the crisis. We also help managers design official social media policy for employees.

Lets Talk
Private training example.
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